Make a decision. Stick to it.

Lets solve that thing thats been weighing on you. Once and for all.

No more back and forth.

Just forward.

CHOICES. So great. And yet, so stressful.

What if you could stop flip flopping and make all your decisions quickly and confidently?

What if there was a simple method that would not only help you make decisions but make them stick?

You’re smart and have (most of) your shit together. You’ve made great choices before, but mulling over them seems like your go-to way of behaving. You can see the pros and cons on either side of this important decision, you’ve done your research, you’ve asked for advice. You’ve have some idea of your next steps.

And yet:

– You fall asleep running through all the “what ifs”.

– It feels like there is so much at stake and this cloud of pressure is all around you.

– The more you think about it the deeper you spiral into confusion, your brain is now just a hamster on a wheel and the more you think about the decision.

– You wish there was a crystal ball that could tell you your future so you could just see which decision was the right one.

– Option A has benefits but then so does Option B and you don’t know how to make so you stay frozen in your tracks.

– Doing nothing has been your MO for far too long and you know something needs to change to propel you forward.

– You really want to just throw your hands in the air and be done with it all!

Here is the thing…adulting is hard.

And you guessed it making decisions is what separates the adults from the rugrats.

The stress from decision making comes from us attaching major emotions to them,

projecting into our future, which in turn increase those stress/panicky feelings that make the decision transform into a monster that doesn’t let you sleep at night and has you guzzling coffee in the morning.

We constantly have to make decisions, and that can be tough. But get ready for good news:

There is a framework.

Imagine a framework that you can use over and over again for any type of decision. And you best believe you’ll be making important decisions for the rest of your life.




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A framework that allows you to work through decisions in a stress free manner, with tips and tools that make the process *gasp* almost enjoyable, maybe even fun.

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Step 3) You will experience the sweet sweet freedom of having a decision made and move forward with your life. You’ll skip into your future with a tested system for decision making that sticks.

Are you ready? Let’s decide.


Or you can chill where you are and keep spinning on that hamster wheel…ha! like that’s what you want to be doing with your time

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I’ve decided. I want to move forward.