Monday morning.

You begrudgingly roll out of bed, pour yourself some coffee, commute to the office, or wherever you are going today.
And most days.
And you’re just THERE.  


Tick tock.
Tick tock.
You watch the clock, waiting.


Same thing. Day in. Day out.


Then something shakes you up
Your team gets pulled in to talk to the boss, your partner gets fired. You wish it was you.
You realize that the impact would be minimal if you just stopped doing what you’re doing. Your talents deserve to be noticed!
Your colleague berates you in front of a large crowd, telling you how bad you are at your job and as a human. Swearing and cursing included.


You scream in your head or out loud if it’s bad enough

WTF am I doing with my life?!


Or maybe it’s not as extreme as that but you still:
– are sick of the monotony and want to do work that engages you
– just don’t feel appreciated at your job, and hello! you’re awesome so you should be
– can’t seem to please your client/customer/boss consistently 
– think that you’ve somehow lost your way and don’t know how to get back on track
– constantly feel like you’re trying to “keep up” but are never fully successful
– are pretending that work isn’t really that bad but… enthusiasm? you left that behind a long time ago
– just can’t take one more anxious Sunday spent dreading your week instead of enjoying the time off

Take a moment right now to congratulate yourself.

You’ve taken the time to give a shit.

Some people never take the time to reflect about their work, their impact and operate solely in survival mode.
Others get to this point, think it’s too hard, give up on having a happy fulfilling career and drift along.
It’s time to really take stock of where you are and what you want and put an end to sleep-working.

So WTF are you going to do?


Here are the facts:
We are on this planet for a short period of time (afterlife debates not included).
Our time is divided by things that make us feel either positive, negative or neutral emotions.
You have a choice in how you spend your time.
How you work. Who you hang out with. What you pursue.


But here’s the thing
If things are going to change, YOU are going to have to change them.
You deserve to work in a way that fits your true nature.
Instead of struggling to improve on your weaknesses, you can be in a job that amplifies your natural strengths and interests.
Work can be an amazing way to spend your waking hours.
I want you to feel excited on Monday mornings.
⅓ of your life is spent at work- you deserve for that ⅓ to make you feel happy and fulfilled.
You don’t have to choose between making money, and happiness.

The thing is, before you can do a DAMN thing you need a roadmap, a plan, a vision of WTF you’re doing.


This is a rallying cry for those of you sitting at work bored, or on your sofa, scrolling your iPad bouncing between career sites, social media and constantly saying

“WTF am I doing with MY life?!”

Let me help

My mission is to help those who are a little lost, a little uncertain, and missing a sense of direction FIND ONE.
Everything is better when you’re living life on purpose.
This should be your mantra 7 days a week, not just outside of work.

You have shit to do that matters.


It’s time you got clear on exactly what that is.

People should take notice if you stopped the work you do.
You should have an impact.
People need your talent out there in the world.


My program works to get you where you want to be – keeping things as fresh and flexible as the modern world demands. I’ve found ways to flex my entrepreneurial muscles, take control of my trajectory and also make a living through my passion.
I’m not just going to tell you to quit your job when maybe you just need to learn some skills to re-love the one you’re with.
Maybe you do need a full work overhaul and an exit strategy.
We can do that too.
This isn’t a cookie cutter program where I spit out potential jobs based on your personality type. You can google that. This is a tailormade for you program that will enhance your strengths and interests and teach you how to go out and grab work that you love for yourself.


This program is for you if you:
  • believe you deserve to spend 40+ hrs a week doing something fulfilling
  • are fed up of being confused and are ready to take control of what happens
  • are ready to combine your talents and interests into something that will make you money and make your soul happy.
  • have sat on the sidelines watching other people take leaps and pursue their dreams for too long, it’s your turn now!
  • are, quite honestly, fed up with feeling less-than-awesome, bored, and unfocused and you are ready to make some big changes
  • have more than one idea of what you might want to do next, and feel pulled in two (or more!) directions
  • sometimes wonder if you have to choose between success/stability and work you really want to do
  • know there is more to life than what you’re doing, but you’re not sure what it is

Here’s why this program is absolutely worth it

You’ll get:
  • 4 one-on-one calls because personalized attention. Faster, more sustainable results.
  • unlimited email support for 6 weeks. To ensure success and clarity.
  • pre-call questionnaire  so I can see exactly where you are at and we hit the ground running. Zero time wasted.
  • this is equal to months and months of searching on your own. I’ve studied up, my brain is an expensive rocketship for this stuff 
  • brain hacks to get you happy in any job (current/future). Long term happy feelings.
  • actionable adjustments in behaviour and thought patterns. Accountability is key.
  • a made special for you roadmap. Follow through guaranteed.


In our time together we will:
  • tackle the problem that’s been holding you back, keeping you in a rut.
  • learn how money and happiness can really be tied together
  • get your value system locked down. Bonus: this will translate into other areas of your life
  • learn my spin on the 10x10x10 rule so you can become a master at decision making. Make em quick and make em stick
  • create a plan based on your personality, strengths and preferences. With you. About you. For you.
  • learn the 3 essential habits to keep you loving your Mondays. Get the 1st habit as soon as you register, maximum efficiency.
  • get you paid, because you are valuable! Learn how your relationship with money is holding you back from career fulfillment.
  • dive deep into what success and freedom really are. Its probably different than you think
  • learn how your identity, personality and perspective shape your career (and life). Can’t get this gem from standardized career tests.
  • fit your career into the other areas of your life and how to maximize everything to be balanced and fulfilled.
  • learn the psychological difference between good and bad fears. Do you know how to use both to your advantage?



More happiness

More success

More money

More freedom

Done. What happens after I buy?

After your payment is approved through PayPal you will be emailed a connection to my calendar so we can schedule in your skype calls. All prices are in USD.

You will get the 1st of 3 essential habits to get you loving your Mondays.

We make moves instantly with the Pre-call questionnaire so I can start developing your personalized program ASAP.

Start loving your Mondays